domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2018

New Debian based release.

Fellow Linuxers,

I'm so glad to announce that I'm working hardly in a brand-new Linux release, which I'm calling Doorian release. The main reason is becauseIt is based on Debian GNU/Linux system and I'm working in the development of It basically form scratch. For me is unethical make some changes and call it a new release. Don't confuse my words, if I'm working in this new release, It doesn't mean that I consider that Debian system is bad, quite the opposite, I love Debian.

I'm working in this new release more for research and my own pleasure that any other reason. Besides, I don't know how to focus it exactly, because this release is not yet completed and may not be for several more weeks,months or years. 

I have to say that I'm researching about how to implement this new release with GNU/Hurd, I Know that Hurd has lot of problems currently, but I love get involved in this "hell". Thanks to Debian Community because they let me work and research with Debian GNU/Hurd. Besides, as I like security world, I'm thinking about implement packages related with security software as We can found on Kali Linux or Parrot for example.

I'd also like suggestions for specific features for the release. It is a free community so We are colaborating together.

With this new release, I have some challenges:

  1. I want that Doorian contain the most up-to-date of everything. The system will be easy to keep up-to-date with a 'upgrading' script in the base system which will allow complete integration of upgrade packages.
  2. Doorian will be extensively documented.It happends in Debian Community so I will be a good Debian citizen.
  3. In Doorian will be forbidden the Non-free software. Bye bye Adobe and all this dictators. We will be completely free!
  4. Lots more, but as I have said previously, I'm still working on it
If you have any suggestions, please, feel you free to ping me. On this blog I have a contact list, but I prefer that all the replies will be via mail, please.

Until later Linuxers

Manu Alen



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