sábado, 2 de diciembre de 2017

Do the Basics even when you PC doesn't work

Recently I have received a laptop which doesn't work correctly and It seemed like Its network card breaks down. The real problem was that It hasn't any network card, so the final solution was to use a Wifi USB or to put a new network card. So easy but I discovered a serious problem.

The problem that I founed was that the person who contacted with me to apply any solution to his PC had no any backup and he also had all his data on his computer. It is a big problem what people commonly make and they think that It doesn't matter.

The people must to carry out a backup regularly and they must to do it right now. In that case, this person trusted on my but I am sure if this person had brought the computer to a IT Shop, He would also leave his data on the pc, because he trust on the computer store.

I could copy all his data on my computer, analyse the metadata and if I watch that he always go to one place in the same date-more or less- I could know when he in not in his house for example.

Besides, He didn't delete his browsing history and I was able to watch his favourites websites and I was surprised because I found that he was using chats in which people type messages to have sex with others. As I knew his pc's password because he said me it, I put on the browser "mail.google.com" and...HE SAVED HIS GMAIL PASSWORD and I was inside his mail and, obvoiusly I already Knew his Email. The next step would be try that credentials on each social network and yes, He reused the same username and password. Of course I had access to all his social network, including the social network for have sex with other. I entered and I was reading all his messages with other girls.

I am not a judge, but this man is married and he was chatting with others girls to have sex. It is a big trouble, but It is a job to his wife, not for me.

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