jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2017

Wind of Change

Yes, I know that It's not usual that I upload a post on English, but I have to give a very important announcement about my future and like I know that there is a lot of public, a lot of viewers around the world who read my daily post I have considered that the best option will be to write It on English. Sorry, first of all because my English is not the best but I should to improve It if I want to achieve my targets.

This announcement is not secure yet, but I am very proud of say It that there is a likelihood of work in Germany. Most of you already know that I am not comfortably with the situation on my country. However, I need the B2 titulation and It is a problem, no my level in English, otherwise for the date, because that job for those few months will be at the end of March, and the exams are approximately on March if I make the exam with Cambridge.

I hope that in the next months I could aport you more information about my future plans. At the moment, I am very nerver-wracking because there are many changes in my life and I need to order It.

Road To Germany.

Do we hack the world?

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