miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2017

Hacker Attitude

Many of you will know that I am very busy with a lot of things that I am really looking forward to go to Germany. But, at the moment, I need to do a lot of different things and today I would like to tell you some of this things that I am doing. Besides It is very important to take part in the labour world, at least in Spain is very influential to have been working abroad.

On my Instagram account  I am trying to upload some parts of my personal and labour life and If you wnat to know more about my life, I am telling you frequently. For example.

Una publicación compartida de Manu Alén (@veganodelidia) el

As I've said previously, I am doing a lot of things like resumes for class or researching about Active Directory and some security risks.

Una publicación compartida de Manu Alén (@veganodelidia) el

Other example is that I am accustomed to resume many lesson's pages as the last upload in which I summarize 100 pages in only 5 pages with many pictures.

Una publicación compartida de Manu Alén (@veganodelidia) el

I am working very laborious to achieve all my ambitions, and I have more news that tell you, but at the moment that's all. I hope to give you more extra information shortly.

¿Do you wanna Hack the World? 

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